Program Details

Program Components

1. Undergraduate Mentorship Experience: Students are matched with UCI faculty members whose special expertise and interests matches those of each student’s interest and career goals.  Faculty members serve as advisors and mentors and assist the students in developing and completing a project action plan.

2. English Training: Extensive English language training will be provided for students from highly-qualified instructors with graduate degrees and international experience.  The UCI English as a Second Language (ESL) program is fully-accredited and helps to prepare students to understand and use English in a variety of academic, professional and personal situations.  TOEFL (including the iBT) and TOEIC-targeted study are integral parts of all classes.

Sample Daily Schedule


3. Summer Training Program Symposium: The program culminates with the Summer Program Symposium.  All summer participants will present either an oral or poster presentation on their summer projects in the presence of faculty mentors.

4. Networking Opportunities: Participants will also be assigned to a Graduate Student Mentor for the duration of the summer who will help facilitate the program and serve as a peer mentor and point of reference for the student.  This is also a great opportunity for participants to gain insight into the life of a graduate student.

5. Meals: Meal plans will be provided as part of the program. Meals will be offered via on campus UCI dining facilities shown in the map below.


6. Field Trips and Activites: The program will include several cultural events.  Certain events will be free and part of the program, while others are subject to extra fees. Details will be provided to participants in their welcome packets.

The cultural program provided gives students the choice to partake in various activities and visit various locations in the Southern California area. This program varies by year, but can include:

  • Disneyland
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Sea World
  • Universal Studios
  • Hollywood
  • Iftar Dinners

… and more!
Students are also free to explore the area at their own leisure when they have free time.

7. Health Insurance: All students in the International Programs at UC Irvine must have Health Insurance coverage during their program. UC Irvine does not take responsibility for expenses that you have because of sickness or accident. As part of this program you will be offered Health Insurance. It is your responsibility to read and understand the limitations of your policy.

8. OCTA Bus Passes: A regular Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA)  bus pass will be provided to participants. OCTA bus routes are available online at to get routes and schedules information.  The OCTA will take you anywhere in Screenshot-2014-03-05-15Orange County as shown in the online system map at  Getting around Orange County using the system map is easy. Just locate your starting point and ending points and use the grid of bus routes to find the route(s) that most closely serves those points. Occasionally, you will need to use more than one bus to get to your destination.